FirstEHS for Safety Management in Industries

Safety of employees is a major area of importance for any organization. Employees take pride in their work when the work environment is safe and free from incidents. An industry with zero or near zero incident rates stands tall in the gamut of industries. It is every management’s primary responsibility to ensure that their organization is an incident free environment.

Minimization of operational costs, process improvements, optimal utilization of resources, compliance to statutory and regulatory measures and increase in operational efficiency are some of the challenges faced by industries with limited financial resources.

FirstEHS’s comprehensive range of products for Environment, Health and Safety are developed to provide a safer haven for employees. With safety measures in place, the management can focus on employee development, business development and establishing a reputation for their businesses.

FisrtEHS's products ensure streamlining safety measures and compliances for incident management, corrective and preventive actions taken to conform to ISO, OSHA and OHSAS regulatory compliances conforming to ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and U.S standards (OSHA) 300, 300 A, 301

Challenges faced by Industries in Safety Management

Management concerns
Stricter Statutory and Regulatory Provisions
Carefree attitude of managers
Luke warm approach to implement corrective actions
Inadequate safety training to employees
Delayed payment of claims to injured / incident affected
Employee unsafe practices
Unsafe behavior of workmen
Indifference to use personal protective equipment
Unclean work place
Unguarded machinery
Improperly insulated electrical connections in open joint boxes
Live electrical cable connections left open
Safety Management Solutions by FirstEHS

FirstEHS comprehensive range of products provides optimized solutions for the challenges faced by employees and managers towards safety management.

Increased operating efficiency
  • Conserve valuable machine and man-hours
  • Create safer operating conditions
Increased Productivity
  • Minimize risks and increase safety awareness
  • Optimize resource utilization
Flexible and Collaborative platform
  • Manage end-to-end incident investigations
  • Generate real-time information
Reduced rate of incident occurrences
  • Streamline internal communication to strengthen safety management
  • Eliminate potential risk areas and conditions
Formulated best practices for risk assessment and analysis
  • Conduct Job Safety Analysis, Job Hazard Analysis, Job Task Analysis
  • Improve risk visibility and comprehension through real time information
Optimized financial requirements
  • Rationalize capital investment deployment
  • Timely redress of employee grievances and claims
Enhanced company reputation
  • Timely compliance to Statutory and regulatory measures
  • Adopt Industry’s Best Practices to conduct Safety Audits
Reduced Cycle Time of Operations
  • Increase production output by 15-20%
  • Improve delivery schedules to customers by 25-30%
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