Incident Management

Incidents happen. Manage them and learn from them to protect your people, your operations and the environment. eConserve enables comprehensive incident management that integrates root cause analysis with preventative measures so you can minimize disruptions and drive operational excellence. Track injuries and illnesses, near misses, transportation and spill events as well as comply efficiently with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. eConserve software, content and expertise can help you identify and manage emerging trends in order to lower your organization's risks and costs - before the next incident occurs. We collect and aggregate incident data so you can effectively address potential risks at any level of the organization - one or more facilities, across business units or enterprise-wide. Meet your voluntary and mandatory incident reporting requirements. eConserve can help by delivering a broad array of regulatory reports, internal performance reports and public sustainability metrics capabilities - supporting both US and international industry standard reporting requirements. Integrated solutions from eConserve Software consolidate information and processes on a scalable, flexible platform that empowers stakeholders to anticipate and avoid incidents that could harm people, assets, and the environment.

Organize end-to-end features of operational safety to improve savings on incident costs and adjust the safety budgets. Eliminate non-conforming areas and address employee claims for timely compliance. Conduct comprehensive root cause analysis and initiate corrective actions to minimize disruptions

Key Features:
Capture and record incident histories
Aggregate incident data to identify potential risks
Prepare incident dashboards for management review
Generate online statutory reports
Manage incident cases and claims
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