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Together we drive revenues faster.

We work closely with our partners to develop mutually beneficial relationships that deliver comprehensive, proven automated software solutions for sustainability tracking and reporting. We partner with a broad range of leading consultants, technology service and integration companies delivering significant mutual benefits in terms of revenue growth, market reach and brand differentiation.

In support of those partnerships, ECONSERVE SOFTWARE provides a comprehensive safety business suite of partner tools across marketing, sales support and technical training to help you achieve real success. We believe that the better prepared and supported our partners, the greater mutual success we all enjoy.

Key High-Line Benefits:-

  • Generate significant new revenue streams for your business.
  • Align yourself with an agile market leader in EHS and Sustainability Software Automation
  • Ability to "bundle" your specialized services around the ECONSERVE SOFTWARE platform and differentiate your offering.
We offer a channel-friendly program with clearly defined rules of engagement.

Partner Program:

We offer two distinct routes to engagement for our prospective partners; Referral Partner and Reseller Partner.

Both are designed to deliver a combination of revenue growth and differentiation to your business. We keep the level of red-tape involved to a bare minimum and work hard to ensure that every partnership delivers for both of us.

Referral Program:

Our Referral Partner program is an opportunity for consultants and integrators alike to take a first step in their partnership with ECONSERVE SOFTWARE.

The program lets you connect your customers with a globally proven EHS automation software vendor and gain a share of the revenues earned.

There's no fees or annual commitment involved for membership in the ECONSERVE SOFTWARE Referral Partner Program so you gain a risk-free way to enhance your brand reputation by directing clients to a solution that will deliver significant efficiency gains to their Environmental and Health and Safety activities. ECONSERVE SOFTWARE bears the cost of selling, closing, implementing and servicing companies you refer plus, you will have the added benefit of optional guidance from one of our knowledgeable partner sales managers, specifically assigned to help you create and execute a marketing plan.

Benefits to Partners:

ECONSERVE SOFTWARE Referral Partners benefit from the program in a number of important ways:

  • Association with a leading and highly respected provider of EHS and Sustainability automation software.
  • The ability to "bundle" your specialized services around the ECONSERVE SOFTWARE platform and sell additional consulting and training services.
  • Exclusive access to information on ECONSERVE SOFTWARE features, benefits, and new product releases.
  • Access to co-branded online marketing materials, whitepapers, and webinars.

Benefits to Customers:

  • Companies you introduce to ECONSERVE SOFTWARE will benefit from our industry-leading configuration tool-sets along with industry-specific capabilities that will allow them to rapidly become more efficient and competitive.
  • Our proven and robust implementation methodologies guarantee a faster time to value-delivery stage and an overall lower total cost of ownership than other vendors in this space.

In addition to receiving a 10% Referral Fee for companies you introduce to ECONSERVE SOFTWARE, our Referral Partner Program will enable you to offer clients a recommended vendor solution for the automation of their EHS processes and help you in establishing a long-term relationship with your client.

We recognize that some consultants, particularly those assisting clients with the vendor selection process may wish to maintain impartiality. In such instances, you may refer clients but elect not to receive a referral fee. You will still benefit from membership in the program by gaining access to a better understanding of our software and the advantages of automation; product demonstrations and new product information; industry news and information; and other services offered exclusively to ECONSERVE SOFTWARE Referral Partners.

Distributors and resellers Program:

Reseller Partnership represents the next step towards offering more comprehensive ECONSERVE SOFTWARE services, securing longer-term client relationships, and helping your clients become more efficient and competitive.

ECONSERVE SOFTWARE reseller partners actively resell the ECONSERVE SOFTWARE solution as a core element within their broader catalogue of related offerings. They typically complete a number of courses within the ECONSERVE SOFTWARE Certification program, gaining the expertise required to run everything from ECONSERVE SOFTWARE training programs right up to completion of a turn-key ECONSERVE SOFTWARE implementation.

In today's competitive environment, business model differentiation is essential to creating incremental revenue streams as well as sustaining your core business. As one of the leading providers of automation software for EHS (Environmental, Health & Safety) professionals, ECONSERVE SOFTWARE is committed to providing our Resellers with customized solutions, programs, and processes that meet your unique business needs while enhancing your ability to solve your customers' diverse and complex requirements.

Our partnership programs extend the collective market reach of both businesses and help us to build profitable and trusted businesses relationships.

The ECONSERVE SOFTWARE partner program supports our reseller partners with:

  • Access to industry-leading functionality and solutions.
  • Co-marketing resources to enable you to address new markets and communicate value.
  • Business planning and sales strategy.
  • Flexible commercial business models.
  • Defined Training and Certification programs to get you moving quickly with our "easy-to-master" configuration tool-sets.
  • Regular product and marketing communications.
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