Market trade and financial intelligence for ships, ports, aircraft, airports, railways and urban transport systems worldwide.


Information Solution

  • Key market insights for strategic planning and critical operational tools and resources for carriers
  • Trade and market insights, and a range of shipping intelligence and references
  • Market forecasts, news, transportation and ownership data to spot service and supply opportunities
  • Special handling and customs requirements for shipping overseas cargo
  • Daily safety and security news, including best practice and legislation
  • EHS & Sustainability compliance solutions

Where eConserve Can Help:

  • Standards and specifications that cover everything from shipping hazardous waste to offshore mobile drilling units
  • Security and intelligence information from the recognized expert.
  • Industry-standard maritime information and leading-edge, 24/7 accessibility from eConserve Fairplay.
  • Market, trade, transportation, and financial intelligence and economic outlooks from eConserve Global Insight, the most consistently accurate economic forecasting and research firm in the world.