Risk Assessment (RA)

Under the Workplace Safety and Health (Risk Management) Regulations, the employer, self-employed person and principal in every workplace shall conduct a risk assessment in relation to the safety and health risks posed to any person who may be affected by his undertaking in the workplace. Reasonably practicable steps shall be taken to eliminate, minimize or control any foreseeable risk to any person who may be affected by his undertaking in the workplace in accordance with the hierarchy of control.

Risk Management software application facilitates the identification, analysis, monitoring, review and treatment of both existing and potential hazards and risks throughout your organization. Aligned with the requirements for the ISO 31000 Risk Management standard, this user-friendly tool will give your organization a strategic advantage in managing, mitigating and preventing risk in your business. eConserve helps you prevent business disruptions and drive sustainable growth by proactively assessing operational risks, including product quality issues.

Gain greater visibility into material risks and enable real-time reporting throughout your business with RA software, content and expertise. You can provide a clear, complete picture of the risks that might impact your organization’s ability to achieve its business goals when you select RA Software for your operational and quality risk assessments.

Key benefits:

  • Centralize and streamline your risk management program to facilitate a central knowledge base for risk management with and best practices are captured and stored so they can be utilized by other facilities with similar issues
  • Maintains risk and quality management activities as well as related lessons learned to provide transparency and continuous communication throughout the risk assessment process.
  • Streamlines compliance with regulations and risk legislation as well as industry standards and within the organization.
  • High-quality, reliable products faster and at less cost than your competition while avoiding potential business disruptions.
  • quick risk visibility and conception among key stakeholders through our integrated dashboards and real-time information on risk summary and quality performance
  • Drive completion of risk prevention and mitigation tasks with planning documents with standardized terminology across the corporate
  • Develops risk management revision chain that provides traceability and accountability with streamlining regulatory compliance reporting
  • Summarizes multiple types of risk assessments and provides configurable industry standard templates for many common methodologies.
  • Improves risk visibility and comprehension among key stakeholders through dashboards and real-time information on risk mitigation and quality performance
  • Drives best practices with pre-formatted templates for: Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Job Task Analysis (JTA), Confined Space Analysis, Ergonomics, Machine Safety Analysis, Workplace Risk Assessment, and more
  • Corrective Action Item Tracking/Alerts - due dates tracking, ownership assignment by role, group, or individual, rules based e-mail notification, e-mail reminders & alerts, daily reports on tasks, etc.