Reports Central (RC)

Use Report Builder to create attractive, professionally Formatted Access reports without spending time and effort learning how to style, arrange, and design Access reports. Use Report Builder to show calculated totals, and include related information from other tables as well. Complex tasks are handled by Report Builder, so your don't have to spend hours reading how to do it yourself. Anyone with experience reports knows that enforcing a consistent layout and style is difficult and time consuming. With Report Builder, you create style definitions that your apply to your reports, and can easily update them and regenerate your reports with the new styles.

Key benefits:

  • Promotes a uniform approach to investigations, providing a collaborative platform that integrates with subsequent management of change projects or risk assessments
  • Manages incident investigations from end-to-end with the ability to generate real-time information about the status of those investigations
  • Identifies root causes and incident trends to mitigate recurring problems, then tracks and manages one or multiple corrective actions to completion
  • Clearly identifies all of the required steps and approvals and prompts each member of the team through his/her tasks in the project
  • Supports multiple workflows while providing a complete audit trail
  • Configurable to your company‚Äôs unique processes and organizational structure