Behavior Based Safety (BBS)

By performing thorough Behavior Based Safety (BBS) studies, organizations can ensure that their employees are kept safe, and that both the employees and their related work processes comply with industry safety standards and regulations.

Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) initiative is comprehensive data management. In the case of a multi-site / multi-department BBS program, the traditional stand-alone systems do not provide BBS leaders with the visibility or quick access to information for decision support. The inherent flexibility of eConserve’s cutting edge software framework provides the most comprehensive data management capabilities and allows for all common methodologies currently used in the industry.

Key benefits:

  • Observations Data Management - easy and multiple data entry options (by each observer, by behavior, by date, by team), automatic data rollup (by behavior, by date and by department), and printing of observation cards
  • Management Activity Scorecard - track management involvement in BBS, create and schedule management activities, allow management team to complete tasks online, establish scores for each activity, automate activity scorecard calculations
  • Company-Wide and Site-Level Safety Behavior Trending Charts - number of behaviors by site, number of behaviors reaching habit strength by site over time, employees participating over time and more…
  • Metrics & Statistics per Each Behavior - number and percent of yes, no, and can’t do observations, total observations, number and percent of feedback given, number of observation cards, percent of expected observation, etc.
  • Corrective Action Item Tracking/Alerts - due dates tracking, ownership assignment by role, group, or individual, rules based e-mail notification, e-mail reminders & alerts, daily reports on tasks, etc.
  • Event-Based E-mail Notifications - ability to create e-mail distribution list, new and retired behavior, behavior reaching habit strength, declining observations and more…