Godown Inspection (GI)

Godown inspection software give storage facility operators the opportunity to improve warehouse facility safety,capacity and efficiency. It covers a) Fire Extinguisher-Monthly b) Team&RH-daily c) Pest Control forth night d) Fire Drill training-Quarterly e) BOPT&HRT checks f) Hose reel&Alaram Sysytem G) Electrical Checks h) House Keeping

Key benefits:

  • Promotes a uniform approach to investigations, providing a collaborative platform that integrates with subsequent management of change projects or risk assessments
  • Manages incident investigations from end-to-end with the ability to generate real-time information about the status of those investigations
  • Identifies root causes and incident trends to mitigate recurring problems, then tracks and manages one or multiple corrective actions to completion
  • Clearly identifies all of the required steps and approvals and prompts each member of the team through his/her tasks in the project
  • Supports multiple workflows while providing a complete audit trail
  • Configurable to your company’s unique processes and organizational structure