Corrective Preventive Actions (CAPA)

Corrective and Preventive action (CAPA,also called corrective action/preventive action) are improvements to an organizations process taken to eliminate causes of non-conformitives or other undersirable situation. CAPA is a concept within good manufacturing practice (GMP). It focuses on the systematic investigation of the root causes of non-conformitives in an attempt to prevent their recurrence(for corrective action) or to prevent occurrence(for preventive action). Undersired levels of internal non-conformitive, non-conformities identified during an internal audit or adverse or unstable trends in product and process monitoring such as would be identified by SPC. Preventive actions are implemented in response to the identification of potential sources of non-conformity. To ensure that corrective and preventive actions are effective, the systematic investigation of the root causes of failure is pivotal.

Key benefits:

  • Promotes a uniform approach to investigations, providing a collaborative platform that integrates with subsequent management of change projects or risk assessments
  • Manages incident investigations from end-to-end with the ability to generate real-time information about the status of those investigations
  • Identifies root causes and incident trends to mitigate recurring problems, then tracks and manages one or multiple corrective actions to completion
  • Clearly identifies all of the required steps and approvals and prompts each member of the team through his/her tasks in the project
  • Supports multiple workflows while providing a complete audit trail
  • Configurable to your company‚Äôs unique processes and organizational structure