Appointment Setting Services


We excel in gaining entry with your targets’ decision makers. The bottom line is, our appointment setting services will put your closer(s) in front of the right people to seal the deal.

Clients love our appointment setting services because we get results. Preset meetings with decision-makers that can and will buy your products and/or services. Literally, we don’t take “NO” for an answer but are wise enough to know when to move on. Our proven sales team doesn’t compromise when it comes tolead generation and booking sales appointments on your behalf. It’s simple. More sales appointments leads to more proposals and closed deals.

Whether we acquire an ideal prospect list or utilize your list, we do all the heavy lifting. As your front line, we’re relentless. Our appointment setting services will secure qualified meetings for your sales force. We can also revive old relationships setting up warm meetings with familiar accounts.

Many organizations have great sales people who are excellent closers. Most business owners are great at talking to a prospect once given the opportunity. But rejection can take a toll. “NO”, “We don’t want any”, and “Not interested” can defeat even the most-motivated of us.

Constant rejection is common when mass marketing your business. Ultimately, you have to find a way to push through. That’s where we come in. Let us hear the No’s, and keep pitching for you until we get a Yes. You pay us to have thick skin and produce results. You get the meeting without all the upfront rejection.

Every NO can be interpreted as a YES in disguise! We listen to why your targets say NO and then formulate a plan to provide solutions and gain entry so your reps can sell your goods or services. Each and every interaction is cause for learning and allows us to tailor our sales approach to given individuals.

Our teams of experienced sales people have documented performance and outstanding track records. Yes, our appointment setting services cost more than a traditional “telemarketing” campaign. In reality, however, that’s because we aren’t telemarketers. We’re a proven sales staff that act as an extension of your company.

We get to know each client on personal level. We listen and work closely with you to understand the characteristics of your ideal customer. We then design a call campaign that consists of scripting, staff matching, and lead identification.

· A successful campaign builds off of a quality prospect database. Depending on campaign parameters, we utilize your existing contact list (internal or purchased) or generate targeted lists using our ECS database.

· Next, we develop the initial script in partnership with you and your team.

· Then the call list is acquired, and the most appropriate ECS Sales Rep staff are assigned.

  • We prepare and practice to ensure success.

· We monitor lead quality based on your feedback.

· And make adjustments quickly to make certain you get what you’re paying for.

If you are having difficulties growing your business and getting qualified appointments, this service is right for you. We get to the prospect and get you qualified appointments. All you have to do is close the deal!

Small Business Enterprises


It has been our experience that small businesses benefit the most from our prospecting services. Most often small businesses have limited capital, or face cash flow challenges, are in small niche industries and are in the start-up life cycle of 4 years or less. In most cases, you’re establishing or refining your service/product offerings and pricing models. Some small businesses are trying to secure their 1st few clients. If your small business needs help with growth, we’ve got a set of outsourced sales solutions perfect for you and your small business. Whether we pair services like outbound telemarketing and outside sales or inside sales tactics like email marketing with inbound call center staff, the result is growth. Every small business is different so we tailor a solution for your specific industry, growth trajectory, and needs.

Quite often the challenge for small businesses revolves around securing qualified leads or appointments with decision makers. Company founders usually don’t have the sales skills or time to pitch their services to cold prospects. Your sales staff may not have the time or capability to enter new markets and aggressively pursue new sales. But, when presented with a “qualified lead or a “qualified appointment” they tend to do well in front of a prospect. Their passion and knowledge comes through in the phone discussion or meeting. Our outbound telemarketing services help tremendously if you find yourself in this situation.

Leads, appointments, and demos are a good way to use our sales teams to get you talking to more interested prospects in a shorter time-frame. We secure these conversations by combining services like outbound telemarketing with inbound call center staff capable of moving the conversation to the next level. You can, and in most cases should, be involved in the process using your skills to highlight your service or product offering while controlling costs. So whether your business needs outbound telemarketing, B2B appointment setting, inbound call triage, or a high-quality email marketing campaign; ECS Sales Rep is your best choice. We have a proven track record and know how to get the job done.

If you have a minimum marketing budget of approximately 50,000 to be invested over 4 months, this type of service will help you.

If you need additional sales solutions we can:

  • assist in lead generation

· use outside sales staff to close the deal

Middle Market Enterprises


We classify middle market companies as those that have passed the 5-year operating threshold, have an established service or product offerings with a steady client base, and account for $10 million to $99 million in annual revenue. Typically, our middle market partners also have existing sales teams. For these companies, we offer a range of services like B2B appointment setting, telemarketing, field sales staff, and inbound sales.

Middle market companies are often are trying to scale fast to grab marketshare, enter new markets, or sell a new product/service offering. They often lack the dedicated resources to attach to new sales efforts and need some initial support. Our turn-key solutions are a great fit for your company if you fall into this category. Imagine coming into work with your sales calls already set and established. Our B2B appointment setting service is designed to give you this kind of flexibility. We also go into the field and procure closed sales for firms that prefer total sales outsourcing for specific initiatives. By combining services like B2B appointment setting with outsourced sales staff, you end up with the best of both worlds. A local presence and guaranteed sales calls.

Our inside sales staff can go beyond B2B appointment setting and actually close the sale for you. So depending on your level of involvement, we have you covered. Want appointments? Hire our award-winning B2B appointment setting staff. Need closed sales? Our expert inside and outside sales staff can provide this level of service to your growing company.

Our outsource sales solutions for middle market firms allows you to enter new geographic markets using our sales teams to secure appointments, give product demos, and close the sale in the desired market. Consistent targeting often leads to closed sales with large marquee clients. These key clients are often used as a benchmark that allows our clients to establish a footprint in the chosen market. We’re good at what we do. Whether we’re focused on B2B appointment setting or closed sales, and anywhere in between, we go after the elusive customers that can make your business.

Our outsourced sales programs provide a range of outcomes from closed sales to C-level qualified meetings and discussions and demos with prospects that have said “Yes” to hearing more about your services or products. And suppose you don’t think you need our staff to close the deal. That’s okay. We can step in and start closing sales right away if you find yourself struggling with this activity.

If you have a minimum marketing budget of approximately 100,000 INR to be invested over 4 months, this type of service will help you.

If you need additional outsourced sales solutions we can:

  • handle your inbound calls for inquiries or upsells
  • perform outside sales visits